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White-tailed deer at Loxahatchee Slough in Palm Beach Gardens.

Find nature, find adventure! We've catalogued 127 nature sites in Broward, Collier, Lee, Martin, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Palm Beach counties, including national, state and local parks and conservation sites. Each site has its own page capturing its character through scenic photographs, pictures of the plants and animals that live there, plus our experiences while visiting. Each page has a Google map showing the park's location; we list what amenities are offered and importantly what's not. This page includes Palm Beach County's 57 parks and preserves, plus a few parks in other parts of Florida. Parks and preserves in Broward, Collier, Lee, Martin, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties can be found here. Note: We are constantly adding sites and improving the site pages we do have up.

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