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Peaceful Waters Sanctuary
Palm Beach County
sandhill crane
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peaceful waters scene
peaceful waters scene
peaceful waters scene
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11676 Pierson Road


The emphasis at Peaceful Waters is on things wet — aquatic plants, wading birds and other animals that require the presence of water for their livelihood. It is small, only about 30 acres but it makes the most of those 30 acres with a short boardwalk (1,500 feet) that connects a series of trails that meander through a series of impoundments. No part of Peaceful Waters seems remote or inaccessible. You just have to walk a bit to find the right view.

Wading birds — herons, egrets, white and glossy ibis — are plentiful. Cormorants, hawks are present, and in winter so are a variety of ducks, including hooded mergansers, wood ducks and northern shovelers. We 've also seen a few passerine birds, including blue jays and warblers.

Peaceful Waters sits within Wellington's Village Park. Once inside the park, signs point to the sanctuary. Parking is plentiful but at a slight distance from the sanctuary entrance. Check out the retaining pond near the preserve entrance for cormorants and other birds. There are retention ponds that are part of a treatment plant just north of Peaceful Waters where ducks and a few waders gather. It's screened off by hedges, but there are a view vantage points where birds can be seen. There are restrooms and drinking water. The trails are an easy walk, the boardwalk offers interpretive signs. Note: we understand that there are no alligators within the sanctuary, but that can change without notice. A bit of caution should be used when walking the trails and approaching water. This is Florida, after all.

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cormorants palm warbler spider lilly little blue heron
glossy ibis sweet scent tricolor ibis
pickerel weed sandhill crane vetch great white egret
white vine northern shoveler hooded merganser moorhen
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