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Limestone Creek Natural Area
Palm Beach County
limestone scene
limestone scene 1
limestone scene

6570 Church Street


Limestone Creek, like Cypress Creek and the Hillsborough River, no longer exists, sacrificed decades ago in the name of progress. The C-18 canal now runs where the creek once flowed. Limestone Creek Natural Area, however, takes some of the man-made out of the canal and restores a bit of what the creek might have tooked like in its orginal state.

Limestone is 57 acres, and the canal is its major feature, splitting the natural area north and south. The largest portion, however, is on the north side. Mangroves have been planted along the banks of the canal, and several oxbow bends have been built within its banks, creating a more natural look.

The two sides are connected via a sidewalk along Central Boulevard to the east and along Island Way to the west. There is a kayak and canoe launching area on the south side, along with two parking lots. The north side has an observation platform on the canal and a fishing pier. There is an informational kiosk on the north parking lot as well. There's no toilets or drinking water. For the most part, the hiking paths are well-marked and wide for easy walking.

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