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J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area — Hungryland Boardwalk and Trail
Palm Beach County
hungryland trail
corbett hungryland scene
corbett hungryland scene
corbett hungryland scene

Stumpers Grade Road


This place is the middle of nowhere in the middle of nowhere. It is remote, about as far from "civilization" as can be gotten in Palm Beach County these days. Go far enough into it and the only evidence of human kind is the trail itself.

Hungryland is 1.2 miles, part natural surface and part boardwalk. It is not an easy hike. In summer, places can be wet. Saw palmetto trunks crisscross the path, making it uneven. Wild hogs have chewed up the ground in some areas. The boardwalk looks rickety in place — and is. We encountered one spot where about two feet of planks were missing (since repaired). There are interpretive signs along the way, although some could use a little restoration work.

But it is beautiful. The place seems to go on forever, an island of absolute tranquility. There are endless meadows, pinelands and cypress swamps filled with every creature South Florida has to offer. For serious hikers, the Ocean to Lake Trail passes through here from neighboring Hungryland Slough Natural Area. Note: The trailhead is along Stumpers Grade Road past Corbett's South Check Station. The entrance to Corbett is at the northern end of Seminole Pratt Whitney Road. Follow the signs to the grass parking area.

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