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J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area North Entrance
Palm Beach County
jw corbett wma scene
jw corbett wma scene
jw corbett wma scene
jw corbett wma scene

Beeline Highway


This is the kind of place where you can get lost, literally and figuratively. J.W. Corbett Wildlife Management Area is 60,000 acres of pinelands, wetlands and meadows surrounded by nothing. There are no neighbors, no nearby loud highways. Drive down the main access road for a few minutes and civilization disappears except for the road itself.

There are few amenities at the north entrance. No restrooms, no drinking water. There is an informational kiosk and a small building that appears to be a check-in station for hunters. There is a small floating dock and ample parking and a paved access road that cuts through the entire area if you have the time and patience to make the drive. There are maps available at the kiosk. The entrance on Seminole Pratt-Whitney Road is more developed and the site of the Everglades Youth Conservation Center and Hungryland Boardwalk. Access to the Florida Trail is also nearby.

It's large enough and wild enough that you could see almost anything Florida has to offer. We found it a paradise for wildflowers, birds and insects during our visit in early July. Numerous trails wind through providing the opportunity to see Corbett up close. However, Corbett is open to hunters at various times of the year. Most of Corbett also closes in parts of August so consult the website to see what's going on when planning a trip.


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