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The Ultimate Guide to the Outdoors and Environment in Broward, Collier, Martin, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Palm Beach counties.
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Juno Dunes Natural Area (West Tract)
Palm Beach County
red-bellied woodpecker
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juno dune depression marsh
juno dunes scrub
slash pine forest
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14501 S. U.S. Highway One
Juno Beach


Note: We’ve divided Juno Dunes Natural Area into two separate listings, West Tract and Oceanfront Tract, because of the way it’s split by U.S. Highway One.

This is tough, tough land. Scrub made nearly impenetrable by saw palmetto, scrub oaks and love vine. Get through that and there's a marsh thick with willows. And then more scrub. Fortunately, a hiker today doesn't have to deal with all that, but rather enjoy it via a trail that leads through at least five different habitats, from ocean dune, to pine flatwoods to a mangrove swamp. Juno Dunes West Tract is incredibly diverse. It's the home of skyblue lupine, fetterbush, largeflower rosemary, cocoplum, coastalplain willow, red maple, Florida rosemary, milkworts, staggerbush, blueberry, rosemallows, air plants and more.

The west tract actually is three properties separated by roads, the biggest of which is at the above address. It's the only one with parking; hiking trails connect to the south across Donald Ross Road. The third, and smallest section, has no trails. Altogether, Juno covers 589 acres and 12 ecosystems. The entrance to the west tract is about a quarter mile north of the entrance to the Oceanfront Tract.There is ample parking and an informational kiosk at the trail head. The path is largely unimproved, but there is a boardwalk through the marsh and an observation platform with benches. Water and restrooms are available at Loggerhead Park adjacent to the Oceanfront Tract. Juno Dunes Natural Area is part of Palm Beach County's natural area network. Take our Juno Dunes Virtual Tour.

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false pennyroyal blue lupine blueberry mockingbird
willow redbellied woodpecker large-flowered false rosemary fetterbush
staggerbush false rosemary milkwort epiphyte
cocoplum fruit lindenleaf rosemallow candyroot prickly pear cactus
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