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Acreage Pines Natural Area
Palm Beach County
acreage pines natural area
acreage pines
acreage pines
acreage pines

6405 140th Avenue North


Acreage Pines Natural Area in northern Palm Beach County is 124 acres of pinelands and wet prairie, not huge by any means, but still big enough to offer a large variety of birds, butterflies and wildflowers, including some quite rare.

A large portion of Acreage Pines is either seasonally wet or wet year round. These places attract egrets, herons and ibis, and are host to the carnivorous and rare yellow-horned bladderwort, eastern pipewort and pink sundew. In the drier places, we found loggerhead shrikes, red-bellied woodpeckers, cardinals and mockingbirds, some rare asters, passion flowers, tarflower and more. We saw phaon butterflies, swallowtails, white peacocks, gulf fritillary, ruddy daggerwings and more.

There are two accessible paths and boardwalks (one very short) that provide intimate access to the wet prairies, an observation platform with seating, two natural suface trails that are reached by way of the neighboring Acreage Community Park. There is plenty of parking, a portable toilet and informational kiosk; restrooms and drinking water are available at the park. Note: Acreage Pines doesn't appear on Google maps, but the neighboring community park does. Find the park and you've essentially found the natural area.

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daisy osprey tarflower loggerhead shrike
gulf fritillary pond apple bloodroot night heron
yellow bladderwort mockingbird bacopa passion flower
green heron phaon butterfly purple flower meadow beauty
ibis corkwood sweet scent cardinal
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