Atlantic Dunes Park

Delray Beach, Palm Beach County

atlantic dunes park
1605 South Ocean Drive
Delray Beach


Overview: Atlantic Dunes Park stands out as one of the few public places in south Palm Beach County with a beachside hammock, and as a result, provides habitat for some rare and endangered plants and shelter for both migrating and resident birds. Huge, sprawling sea grape trees, gumbo limbo and fig trees provide much of the canope for the hammock and help screen the beach from nearby condos and the traffic on A1A, creating a more tranquil atmosphere than the municipal beach to the north.

What You'll See: The beach itself is the primary attraction that the park offers; it isn't all that wide, stretching perhaps a couple of hundred yards, judging from the posted signs. But there is a 300-foot nature trail that winds through the hammock and part of the dune. The combination of the beach, the dunes and the hammock make Atlantic Dunes a surprisingly good place for bird watching. In light gaps and in the dunes, you'll find an interesting collection of wildflowers, some of which are rare.

Amenities: Atlantic Dunes has restrooms and drinking water. There is some handicapped parking at the entrance, but the bulk of the parking is across the street. There is one nature trail that zig zags through the upland woods and along the top of the dune. Various rentals are available. Check the website (link above) for details.

Nearby: Spanish River Park and Gumbo Limbo Nature Center are several miles to the south along Ocean in Boca Raton. Delray Municipal Beach is a mile or so to the north, also along Ocean. For a more upland site, Delray Oaks Natural Area is just west of I95 along Congress Avenue, about a five or ten minute drive from Atlantic Dunes.

Of Note: Admission to the park is free, but the only public parking in the area is metered. Parking can be tight at times.
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Cover Photo: Least terns attempting to nest and mate during the spring of 2021. Atlantic Park Dunes can be a very good place to spot birds.
Getting There ...
Atlantic Dunes Park sits on the east side of S. Ocean Drive, (AKA A1A) just north of the Linton Avenue Bridge. Parking (metered) is on the west side of Ocean.

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