Wild South Florida's Virtual Tour of

Yamato Scrub Natural Area

Palm Beach County

skyblue lupine

Cover Photo: There isn't a more beautiful scrub flower than Florida native Skyblue Lupine. It's rare in South Florida, found in only a handful of conservation areas. Yamato Scrub Natural Area, fortunately, has more of it than any other place we've been to. In fact, its main trail is named after the flower, so out of the many possibilities we could have picked to represent the Yamato Scrub, we can't think of anything that would be more a appropriate choice.

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  • In the Beginning, A Hammock
  • More Marsh
    shallow marsh
  • Along the Cicada Trail
    accessible trail
  • Sand Pine Hammocks
    sand pines
  • Tough, Tough Land
  • The Yamato Marsh
    marsh basin
  • Geology is Destiny
    pine flatwoods
  • The Maze
    The maze
  • The Tunnel
    The Tunnel
  • The Backstretch — and More Scrub

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