The Maze

Yamato Scrub Natural Area, Palm Beach County

Follow the natural surface trail that extends from the end of the accessible trail and you'll eventually encounter a tunnel that connects Yamato's north tract to its south. Walk through the tunnel and there's a service road dead ahead. Two trail heads extend off that road, one to the left, one to right. They're actually the ends of the same loop trail. We like to go clockwise, so we'll take the trail to the left. You'll walk through a ruderal area with some scrub oaks, ragweed and pokeberry. The trail becomes dotted with a few live oaks and sand pine. Eventually you'll come to the section of trail shown in the photo we call the maze, because it zigzags through scrub oaks, staggerbush and saw palmettos, and you can't really gauge where you are. Its seems like you're in a maze, but eventually, you'll exit at the service road; across the way is the second half of the loop trail. On your way look for partridge pea, tall dodder and various types of grapes, including muscadine — Photo by David Sedore


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