The Yamato Marsh

Yamato Scrub Natural Area, Palm Beach County

basin marsh

Historically, a basin marsh called the Yamato Marsh existed here, formed in a low point between the surrounding dunes where water collected and eventually drained into a "prong" of the Hillsboro River to the south. The El Rio canal dug by the Model Land Co. in 1913 to the west of Yamato Scrub essentially channelized the prong, and with the digging of the L-40 canal, which parallels Clint Moore Road in 1920, dropped the water table in the area to the point that the marsh no longer existed. There was no natural water feature on the property at the time that Palm Beach County took control of it in the 1990s. One of the first projects undertaken to restore the land was to dig this 10-acre permanent marsh. We've seen mottled ducks and moorhens regularly nesting and foraging here. An alligator briefly made its home here. Pickerelweed, sawgrass and knotted spikerush dominate the margins of the marsh. The green fence in the background is the property line — Photo by David Sedore


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