The Backstretch — and More Scrub

Yamato Scrub Natural Area, Palm Beach County

the last stretch of scrub

This is the final leg on our virtual tour of Yamato Scrub Natural area. The landscape is a little more open than what we've encountered so far on the south tract. It offers wide vistas rather than the confined looks of the maze or the tunnel. Toward the right edge of the photo, you can see Clint Moore Road; the line of sand pines that extends to the left are along the western boundary of the property. The trail meanders a bit; in spring, you'll spot netted pawpaw and more skyblue lupine. Year round you'll see golden rod, Walter's groundcherry, blue-eyed grass and lesser Florida spurge. There are dense stands of lacy bracken fern, one of the most widespread plants on the planet. Look out for a rather large snag (dead tree) that in years gone by has hosted an osprey nest, and more recently, a raccoon den. As you exit the trail, you can return to the parking lot via a service road that cuts west (left) or go back the way you came through the Clint Moore Road tunnel. We recommend the service road because of the wildflowers you'll see: partridge pea, narrowleaf silkgrass and large-flowered rosemary among others — Photo by David Sedore


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