Wild South Florida's Virtual Tour of

Daggerwing Nature Center

Palm Beach County

palomeides swallowtail

Feature Photo: It's not always the big creatures that grab your attention. This is a palomeides swallowtail butterfly we photographed at the butterfly garden at Daggerwing Nature Center on one incredibly hot and muggy July afternoon several years ago. It's one of our favorite photographs we've taken, highlighting details of its anatomy and more importantly its beauty. There are larger inhabitants of Daggerwing — gators patrol the waters, we've seen ospreys keeping watch from above. But none more awesome in the literal sense of the word, than this little guy. Besides, what's more fitting than showing a butterfly at a place named after a butterfly? More on the butterfly garden at Daggerwing below. Click on the photos for full-sized images and detailed descriptions. Click here for more on Ddggerwing the butterfly

  • Cabbage Palms Amid A Cypress Swamp
    cabbage palms in swamp
  • A Swampy Island
    swampy island
  • Cypress Trees and Pond Apples
    cypress trees and pondapples
  • The View From The Rear
    view from rear
  • The Boardwalk
    boardwalk at daggerwing
  • The View From The Top
    view from above
  • A First-Rate Butterfly Garden
    butterfly garden
  • Gators on Patrol
    gator on patrol

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