A Guide to

Flowering Plants of South Florida

Page One: Aceraceae to Asteraceae

Four-Petal Pawpaw

Four-petal pawpaw, member of Annonaceae, photographed at Four-petal Pawpaw Natural Area, Palm Beach Gardens.

Welcome to our guide to the plants of South Florida, divided into four pages, covering more than 400 species listed alphabetically by family. Mangroves, ferns and lichens are together on page 4. Note: this guide is under construction, so please pardon our "dust."

Aceraceae — Maple Family

Acquifoliaceae — Holly Family

Adoxaceae — Elderberry

Agavaceae — Agave Family

Aizocaceae — Iceplant Family

Alismataceae — Water Plantains

Altingiaceae — Sweetgum Family

Amaranthaceae — Amaranth Family

Amarylilidaceae — Lilies

Ancathaceae — Wild Petunias and Other Tropical Flowers

Annonaceae — Custard Apple Family

Apiaceae — Carrot Family

Apocynaceae — Milkweeds, Dog Bane

Aracardiaceae — Poison Ivy, Sumac, Mango

Araceae — Arum Family

Araliaceae — Schefflera Family

Arecaceae — Palms

Asperagaceae — Asperagus Family

Asteraceae — Daisy, Sunflower Family

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Photographs by David Sedore. Photographs are property of the publishers and may not be used without permission.