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Red-shouldered Hawks, Napping Gators and Other Odds and Ends
BOYNTON BEACH, JAN 22, 2014 — One of the fun things about walking the boardwalk at Green Cay Nature Center is discovering something cool, then sharing it with others who come along. But sometimes you get your own private show. As we were leaving Green Cay this one recent afternoon, we had the luxury of a few minutes to kill, so decided to drive along the back row of the parking lot even though it's a bit out of the way.

Looking for the Great American Eclipse
Remember this date: August 21, 2017. That's when the next solar eclipse visible in North America will occur. Not only that, it will be a total eclipse visible in the Southeast United States.

March Madness: Spring explodes in South Florida
BOCA RATON — It was the opportunity to see this flower, the skyblue lupine, that got us out of our air conditioned office the other day and hiking the south tract of the Yamato Scrub Natural Area in the midafternoon sun. It is spring, after all, and the only time of year that this rare natural beauty flowers.

Accidental photograpy, Lake Ida edition
DELRAY BEACH — We've titled this feature "accidental photography" but there really isn't anything accidental about the pictures themselves. What is accidental is the circumstances under which they were shot — the places and the times. They're illustrations of one of our favorite photographic maxims: "F8 and be there." Be where the action is, have your camera and have it ready to shoot.

Institute for Regional Conservation opens Delray Beach headquarters
DELRAY BEACH — The Institute for Regional Conservation officially has a new home: Delray Beach. The nonprofit environmental group christened the new headquarters in September during a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce at Dig restaurant in Atlantic Plaza.

Volunteers give Palm Beach County's Seacrest Natural Area a 'scrubbing'
BOYNTON BEACH — It’s 8 a.m. on a late summer’s Saturday. Temperatures are in the 80s, heading toward the 90s under a bright, clear sky. The humidity, as usual, is off the charts. In other words, it’s the kind of morning when most people are contemplating a lazy day around the house or at the beach. Anything to keep cool.

Stilt Story: Life Renews At Green Cay
BOYNTON BEACH — This is not a story with a happy ending. Or a sad one, for that matter. It's one without an ending, really. One that happens every year, a thousand times and more. It's the story of life itself.

Photos of the Week: An encounter with a gopher tortoise
BOYNTON BEACH — Animals usually do one of two things when confronted with perceived danger: fight (or at least put up a good front) or flight. A gopher tortoise we encountered while walking a trail one evening at Seacrest Scrub Natural Area chose a third option: do nothing. When we’ve had similar encounters with gopher tortoises before, they’ve generally scooted into the nearest brush as fast as possible. And forget about any preconceived notions you might about these creatures and their ponderous looks. They can move.

Back Country Blog: Trump Administration Proposes Fee Hike at National Parks
Backcountry Blog: They are our heritage, symbols of America. They belong to all of us. But if the Trump administration gets its way, it’s going to be a lot more expensive for us to visit them. For some, maybe too expensive.

Back Country Blog: Fighting for Florida's Future
Florida seemingly has been at one environmental crossroad or another since Ponce de Leon first stepped foot on the peninsula more than five centuries ago and gave it the name, Land of Flowers.

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