Blue Spring Meets the St. Johns

Blue Spring State Park, Orange City, Volusia County

blue spring run
The Blue Spring run to the St. Johns is not long, slightly less than a half mile. The waters of the run are pristine, clear of sediment, while the St. Johns is murky brown, setting a visual delineation between the two bodies of water. Canoes and kayaks can ply the waters between the swimming area and the St. Johns and into the St. Johns, while motor craft are restricted to the St. Johns. In winter, manatees will swim from the river into the run to keep warm but they will return to the St. Johns to feed. There's little to no vegetation in the run because of the lack of oxygen in the water as it leaves the ground, certainly not enough to sustain a large manatee population. In the background left, you'll see the Blue Spring Adventures tour boat (which we recommend). The St. Johns bends off to the west on the right side of the photo.

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