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Highlands Scrub Natural Area
Broward County
highlands scrub
highlands scene
highlands scene
highlands scene

4050 North Dixie Highway
Deerfield Beach


It might seem odd, but the most outstanding feature of Highslands Scrub Natural Area is fire. The aftermath, actually. Managers of the area conducted a prescribed burn in the north portion of the property we're guessing either late last year or early this year (2014 when we first visited). We were there in February and again in June, and the rapid recovery of the land is amazing to watch. Saw palmetto, still blackened from the blaze, puts out new growth. Understory plants, such as greenbriar, are back, as are a few wild flowers, such as partridge pea and silkgrass.

Highlands Scruba is 34.27 acres of rare pineland scrub in eastern Broward County. It has a large, handicapped accessible hiking trail, pavilion, ample parking and benches.  The trail, which loops through the site, is well marked with interpretive signs.

Formerly, it was known as The Jungle Natural Area; we presume the change was made to better reflect the site’s habitat. The site is canopied by sand pines and live oaks, with an underbrush of saw palmetto, scrub oaks, gopher apple, pawpaw , partridge pea, lesser Florida spurge, narrow-leaf silkgrass and Feay's palafox. The Highlands Scrub Natural Area is owned and maintained by Broward County.

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