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The Ultimate Guide to the Outdoors and Environment in Broward, Collier, Martin, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Palm Beach counties.
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Tivoli Sand Pines Preserve
Broward County
cardinal tivoli sand pines
tivoli sand pines preserve
tivoli sand pines preserve
tivoli sand pines preserve

SW 10th Street at 6th Avenue
Deerfield Beach

Many of the preserve's namesake sand pines are dead, killed off by the high winds brought by the hurricanes of 2004-05. Some have fallen, others still stand. They are not lifeless, however, as they shelter many of the animals that call this place home. And Tivoli Sand Pines Preserve is full of life.

The preserve itself is 25 acres of pinelands scrub in northern Broward County just off I-95 and Southwest 10th Street. It is owned and maintained by Deerfield Beach. It is narrow, running east-west, on the north side of Southwest 10th. There is a large parking lot; a wheelchair accessible trail splits into two wings, each going to the ends of the property, looping around for the return trip. Sort of dumbbell shaped. We're guessing that walking the trail is about a mile, out and back. The site is in need of a little TLC. Shrubs have overgrown the trail in places, making passage difficult for someone walking let alone in a wheelchair. The sidewalk is severely cracked.

We've found gopher tortoise, American redstart, cardinals, mockingbirds, red-shouldered hawks, mourning doves, palm warblers, blue jays and grackles, Halloween pennants, fiery hairstreaks, dainty sulphurs, gulf fritillaries and various blue butterflies. There is hog plum and cocoplum, blue mist, staggerbush, coontie (most likely planted) and at least two kinds of pricklypear. There is no official website. The preserve is open from dawn to dusk. Military Trail Natural Area is about five minutes away, as are Highlands Scrub and Crystal Lake Preserve.

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Photo Gallery for Tivoli Sand Pines Preserve
warbler gopher tortoise prickly pear cactus at tivoli sand pines preserve bell flowers
american redstart pricklypear blue mist mourning doves
coontie tread softly silk grass in bloom fiery skipper butterfly
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