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The Ultimate Guide to the Outdoors and Environment in Broward, Collier, Martin, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Palm Beach counties.
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Vista View Park
Broward County
burowing owl
vista view park
vista view park
vista view park

4001 SW 142nd Avenue


Most of what we call hills in South Florida are the geological remnants of ancient coastal dunes. The hills of Vista View Park, on the other hand, are the remnants of a not so ancient garbage dump. Despite the unsavory past, it is a lovely place. And it's one of the best places to see the creature above, the all-too-rare burrowing owl.

There are dozens owls nesting in the open grasslands atop the park's hills. Their nests are roped off to protect them from unwary mowers and park patrons who might want to get too close and personal with the pint-sized birds. But the ropes also make it painlessly easy to find the owls. No muss, no fuss. No disappointment.

The fields where the owls live are also magnets for dozens and dozens of butterflies, particularly dainty sulphurs, skippers, duskywings, whites and blues. Dragonflies are attracted to the fields, as are cattle egrets and mockingbirds. Elsewhere around the park, we spotted woodpeckers, bluejays, ibis and great white egrets, espcially near the lake. Parking is plentiful. Hours are somewhat limited and there is an entry fee on weekends and holidays as is the policy with all Broward County parks.

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