The Basin Marsh: A Look Back in Time

Pondhawk Natural Area, Boca Raton, Palm Beach County

open water

Just as a historical note, we've included this photo of the basin marsh we took in 2013 during one of our first visits to Pondhawk Natural Area. The thing that stands out is the open water that was present then that isn't there now. You can see a moorhen in bottom left swimming about. In fact, several generations of a moorhen family were present. The water was open enough that white lilies grew along the margins. The marsh is still a wet place even at the height of the dry season, but it isn't deep enough to maintain open water. Over time things change. In the background you can see Pondhawk's hydric hammock, a collection of cabbage palms, live oaks, strangler figs, red maples and other moisture-loving trees. BACK TO THE START.


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