A Key With No Name

National Key Deer Refuge, Big Pine Key, Monroe County

no name key

Welcome to No Name Key. Not much here as far as human development, which is great if you're looking for things more natural. It's connected to Big Pine Key via a bridge. We stopped here on our last trip to the Keys, hoping against hope to spot a mangrove cuckoo, but the weather was a bit blustery and we ultimately failed in our mission. We did find this spot at the end of the one paved road on the island, a low-lying mix of buttonwood trees and black mangroves that attracted a few foraging black-necked stilts. The mangroves, by the way, provide both food and cover for key deer. Speaking of which, while key deer can be found anywhere within the refuge, No Name Key might be as close to a sure bet as there is. We managed to spot one on hiding within the mangroves but couldn't get a decent photograph of it before it disappeared. BACK TO BEGINNING.


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