A Dry Walk Through Wet Lands

Kristin Jacobs Natural Area at Hillsboro Pineland, Broward County

boardwalk through wetlands
The wet habitats at Kristin Jacobs Natural Area at Hillsboro Pineland are like magnets to us. They're the first places we explore whenever we visit the preserve. The Prairie Trail begins near the parking lot, winds its way past the restored cypress swamp and to this boardwalk, which keeps your feet dry as you explore these wet habitats. On The left side of the boardwalk lies a wet meadow full of wildflowers like coreopsis, Florida's state flower, southern fleabane, water pimpernel and narrowleaf blue-eyed grass. To the right, the land dips slightly lower, transitioning into the depression marsh seen at the top of the main page. A covered observation platform at the end of the boardwalk provides an opportunity to rest for a moment and enjoy the scenery. Next Photo.

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