A Very Different, A Very Wet Place

Hungryland Slough Natural Area, Palm Beach County

a very wet road

Just a reminder that sloughs are wet places. We took this photo in September 2015, during the rainy season, not long after Hungryland Slough Natural Area opened to the public. This is one of the east-west roads that developers graded back in the 1970s when this land was slated to become a suburban housing development. This photo gives you a pretty good idea why those plans were (fortunately) abandoned. You could almost kayak its length. The same place when we visited in February 2022 was much different, much drier. Muddy, certainly, but one could walk back in there without tromping through ankle-deep water. (See the photo of Apachee Boulevard that's part of this tour to get some idea of the difference.) Just to note: this was the main photo on our original Hungryland page. Also note the heron in the center-right of the photograph. Next Photo.


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