Florida, Vermont Move in Opposite Directions With Climate Change Laws
— Seminole County Moves to Protect Wildlife Corridor — Early Heat Stressing Caribbean Coral Reefs
— Florida Legislature "Ends" Climate Change by Fiat


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    Florida dancing lady orchid
  • A Stilt Story Revisited
    black-necked stilt chick

In a New Light: Photos of 2023

Spiders, Grasshoppers, Birds and Bees

mischievous bird grasshopper

A mischievous bird grasshopper, photographed at Yamato Scrub Natural Area in Boca Raton. Read More.

It was a weird year for us, 2023 was. Outside of a trip to Blue Spring State Park, circumstances forced us to focus our attention on our backyard figuratively and literally. New looks at old places, new tools to look at world a little differently, new creatures, old creatures in a new light. Spiders literally in our backyard, grasshopper species we've never seen before munching away on the leaves of our favorite wildflower. READ MORE
  • What You Probably Don't Know About Poison Ivy
    poison ivy leaves
  • Turkey and Mistletoe: The 12 Days of Christmas
    wild turkey
  • The Grasshopper that Almost Ate Chicago
    lubber grasshopper
  • Exploring Hungryland Slough Natural Area
    ibis in flight

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