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The Ultimate Guide to the Outdoors and Environment in Broward, Collier, Martin, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Palm Beach counties.
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Woodmont Natural Area
Broward County
blue jay at woodmont

7250 NW 80th Avenue


We've found natural areas in northwest Broward to be among the best in the region if you're looking for butterflies. Woodmont Natural Area is no exception. During our first few minutes on the site, we spotted julia, gulf fritillary, zebra longwing, ruddy daggerwing, giant swallowtail and literally dozens of cassius blues nectaring and doing what butterflies do.

Woodmont is tranquil and heavily shaded. It is set in a residential neighborhood, blocks away from the nearest major road. It borders on the east by a hospital, separated by a canal. It is 21 acres of pine flatwoods and cypress forest. Slash pines, live oaks, cabbage trees and cypress provide a heavy canope, with wild lime, wild coffee and beautyberry among the understory. Bracken fern is plentiful in spots. There are open fields along the eastern and southern edges of the woods dominated by Spanish needles. Woodmont also has more than its share of invasives, especially air potato and rosary pea. The canal attracts wading birds; we didn't see any but we spotted an osprey flying off with a fish in its claws as we approached Woodmont.

Parking is ample; the trail is accessible, part concrete walkway, part boardwalk and marked with interpretive signs. There are also seating areas along the way. There is no drinking water and no restrooms.

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