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Snake Warrior's Island Natural Area
Broward County
snake warrior's island
Snake Warrior's Island Natural Area, photographed in January 2015 just before sunset.
snake warrior's island
snake warrior's island
snake warrior's island

SW 62nd Avenue


Snake Warrior's Island Natural Area is part park, part historical site and part natural area. It's a 53-acres of ponds and marshes. It's not exactly the kind of place to get lost in the woods, so to speak, but it is a peaceful spot to relax, walk and watch birds. Hard surface trails loop through the property. Interpretive signs provide details of both the history of the property and the nature that lives on it. There's plenty of parking, benches and picnic tables.

The history: Archaeological evidence shows Snake Warrior's Island was inhabited as far back as 500 B.C. Miccocukee leader Chitto Tustenguggee, also known as Snake Warrior, camped there during the Second Seminole War. The state of Florida bought the property in 1992; Broward County leased it in 2004.

The marshes and ponds of Snake Warrior's Island are magnets for wading birds. It is included as part of the Great Florida Birding Trail. During our brief visit, we spot, great white egrets, American Coots, grackles and a variety of warblers. The margins of the ponds are home to cat-tails, silverling, dog fennel, climbing hemp vine, spatterdock, elderberry, coastalplain willow and others.

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