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Best Meteor Showers 2019
streaking meteor
Persied Meteor Shower 2015, by NASA/Bill Ingalls [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Dates   Oct. 2 - Nov. 7
Peak Viewing   Oct. 21 - 22
Numbers per Hour   20
Radiant Point*   Constellation Orion
Sky Conditions   Moon near last quarter will interfere
Best Time   Starts after midnight, peaking near dawn
Notes   Irregular peak; known to produce fireballs
Dates   Nov. 6 - 30
Peak Viewing   Nov. 17 - 18
Numbers per Hour   15
Radiant Point*   Constellation Leo
Sky Conditions   Bright moon near last quarter
Best Time   Hours before dawn
Notes   The peak hours are just before dawn, which is about the time the moon will set.
Dates   Dec. 4 - 17
Peak Viewing   Dec. 14 - 15
Numbers per Hour   120
Radiant Point*   Constellation Geminia
Sky Conditions   Moon near full will reduce numbers
Best Time   Evening to dawn, particularly around 2 a.m.
Notes   Rivals August's Perseids as the most prolific shower of the year.
Dates   Dec. 27 - Jan. 10
Peak Viewing   Jan. 3 - 4
Numbers per Hour   120 - 200
Radiant Point*   Near Big Dipper, northern sky
Sky Conditions   Moon will be 58 percent illuminated
Best Time   Between midnight and dawn on Jan. 4
Notes   Few meteors per hour except during short peak. Best viewing occurs farther north.
Dates   April 16 - 28
Peak Viewing   April 21 - 22
Numbers per Hour   10-15
Radiant Point*   Near star Vega in constellation Lyra
Sky Conditions   Moon will not be a factor
Best Time   Hours before dawn
Notes   The Lyrids sometimes can produce big numbers
Eta Aquariids
Dates   April 19 - May 28
Peak Viewing   May 6 - 7
Numbers per Hour   20-40
Radiant Point*   Star Eta in Aquarius, Southeast sky
Sky Conditions   Moon will be full
Best Time   Hours before dawn
Notes   Best seen from southern locations.
Delta Aquariids
Dates   July 12 - August 23
Peak Viewing   July 29 - 30
Numbers per Hour   15-20
Radiant Point*   Star Delta in Aquarius Southeast Sky
Sky Conditions   Moon will be 77% full
Best Time   An hour or two before dawn
Notes   This shower lacks a true peak
Dates   July 17 - August 26
Peak Viewing   August 11 - 12
Numbers per Hour   100
Radiant Point*   Constellation Perseus
Sky Conditions   Moon at 47% illuminated on peak dates, will reduce numbers
Best Time   Numbers build toward midnight, morning
Notes   Usually the best shower of the year. Best viewing will be near dawn.