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Juno Dunes Natural Area Oceanfront Tract — High Point Vista
juno dunes
Two notable things about this photograph. First, it's taken at one of the highest points in Palm Beach County, at an astounding 44 feet above sea level. The trail at the left leads to the beach so you can walk every one of those 44 feet. Those 44 feet also play a major role in why habitat here is so diverse. Second, it neatly sums up the major features of Juno Dunes Natural Area. In the foreground is coastal scrub, the remnant of an ancient ocean dune, which extends across U.S. 1 just to the rear of the photographer (also part of Juno Dunes Natural Area). Saw palmetto and live oak, punctuated by a few red bay trees and blankets of love vine, dominate this place. Along the way, you'll encounter a few wild flowers, including partridge pea, and one with the odd name, finger rot. Touch it ad you'll find out why it's called that. Beyond that is the tree tops of a marine forest, or hardwood hammock. And just over the tree line is the ocean — Photo by David Sedore
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