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Deering Estate
Miami-Dade County
little blue heron juvenile
deering estate
deering estate
deering estate

16701 SW 72nd Avenue


It's all about the bay, 'bout the bay, 'bout the bay. It's all about the bay. Ok. Enough silliness but the Deering Estate is mostly about the bay, Biscayne Bay. It's what makes the place a first-rate archeological, historical and natural preserve. It is the focal point of the place. It's what attracted businessman and tycoon Charles Deering back in the early 1920s, Native Americans centuries before him.

It is, in fact, Biscayne Bay that makes Deering a top destination for birds. We saw cormorants, red-bellied woodpeckers, herons, anhingas, mockingbirds, catbirds, ibis and more, many of which were foraging in the bay. The rich variety of species has earned Deering a listing on the Great Florida Birding Trail. According to the Institute for Regional Conservation, there are more than 800 plant species and subspecies at Deering, making it a botanically rich site.

There are some 444 acres of land at Deering, much of it lawn or landscaped, but there are nature trails that wind through parts of the property that aren't so manicured. There is a boardwalk that goes through mangroves along the bay. And there is the Richmond Cottage open for touring. A few things to note: Deering is run by Miami-Dade Parks but the entrance fee is $12 per adult; it's open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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