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Anne Kolb Nature Center
Broward County
anne kolb nature center
anne kolb nature center
anne kolb nature center

751 Sheridan Street


Anne Kolb Nature Center is 1,500 acres of mostly water and restored mangrove forest set along the shores of West Lake. The setting makes it a bird magnet and an important feeding ground, breeding ground and nursery for dozens of avian and aquatic species. The abundance of birds makes it a stop on the Great Florida Birding Trail.

There are four trails within Anne Kolb, three of which are relatively short and have benches or observation platforms at the end or along the way. That includes the aptly named fishing pier trail, which has two small piers, where you enjoy the view if you don't have your fishing pole with you. What you'll see is an assortment of life, raccoons, blue land crabs, fiddler crabs, mangrove crabs, the rare and beautiful atala butterfly (the only place we've seen them outside Palm Beach County), and birds — great egrets, great blue herons, ospreys, ibis, little blues, tricolored herons and more.

Anne Kolb honors the first woman elected to the Broward County Commission and ardent environmentalist activist who fought to preserve the land where the park sits. The park has as an indoor center, an observation tower, amphitheater, rest rooms and drinking water. Hours vary depending on the time of the year.

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