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The Moon by Month 2019
New Moon   Jan. 5    
First Quarter   Jan. 14    
Full Moon   Jan. 21   Wolf Moon
Third Quarter   Jan. 27    
Total eclipse of the moon on Jan. 20-21. Visible from all of North and South America. Partial begins at 10:33:54 p.m. Maximum eclipse at 12:12:14 a.m. Partial ends at 1:50:39 a.m.
New Moon   Feb. 4    
First Quarter   Feb. 14    
Full Moon   Feb. 19   Snow Moon
Third Quarter   Feb. 26    
New Moon   March 6    
First Quarter   March 14    
Full Moon   March 20   Worm Moon
Third Quarter   March 28    
New Moon   April 5    
First Quarter   April 12    
Full Moon   April 19   Pink Moon
Third Quarter   April 26    
New Moon   May 4    
First Quarter   May 11    
Full Moon   May 18   Flower Moon
Third Quarter   May 26    
New Moon   June 3    
First Quarter   June 10    
Full Moon   June 17   Strawberry Moon
Third Quarter   June 25    
New Moon   July 2    
First Quarter   July 9    
Full Moon   July 16   Buck Moon
Third Quarter   July 24    
New Moon   July 31    
Partial lunar eclipse July 16-17. Moon below horizon, eclipse not visible in North America.
First Quarter   August 7    
Full Moon   August 15   Sturgeon Moon
Third Quarter   August 23    
New Moon   August 30    
First Quarter   September 5    
Full Moon   September 14   Corn Moon
Third Quarter   September 21    
New Moon   September 28    
First Quarter   October 5    
Full Moon   October 13   Hunter's Moon
Third Quarter   October 21    
New Moon   October 27    
First Quarter   November 4    
Full Moon   November 12   Beaver Moon
Third Quarter   November 19    
New Moon   November 26    
First Quarter   December 4    
Full Moon   December 12   Cold Moon
Third Quarter   December 18    
New Moon   December 26